Good Night

Writing in starlight as I shoot for the moon

Smell the lilac in bloom and feel the evening dew

I listen to the cricket song playing in the night

See the fruit bats taking flight

Headlights pass deceiving my eye changing shadow as they drive by

Quiet and stillness take hold, a bit muggy but not cold

looking at a bog shaped like a bowl, it’s filled with fog muck and mire

I’m so calm, I yawn with a stretch and then I retire



Why’s Everybody Hiding

I love it when I come into contact with real people, that are not afraid to be their true self. Here’s a story of an inquisitive young man. As he walks out into the world he sees seemingly everyone running around frantically everywhere, trying to find a good hiding place. He calls out to one of them why’s everybody hiding? The man replies, we have to hide or the one of the monsters will terrorize us. What monsters he says? Conformity, Judgement, Gossip, and the Politically Correct monster. That doesn’t make much sense because this is all wide open space and there are really no good hiding places. The man says, we just pretend to be something else, like a tree or a car. The young man shakes his head a little and say’s that’s ridiculous, it’s obvious to everyone, that all of you people are pretending to be something your’re not. The man says, well that’s just what we do. Everybody knows it and nobody says anything. Unless someone thinks they don’t have to hide and then we’ll talk about them. OK?, strange?. thanks for clearing that up sir.

It seems most everywhere I go, everybody is hiding, either part or all of themselves behind some sort of concocted persona they’ve made up. Only showing you what they want you to see. Most are constantly worried about the perception of everyone else. How does my house look (outwardly), what kind of car do I drive, what do I do for a living, what does my spouse look or act like, do my children behave well and have acceptable manners, and so on. Meanwhile, most often everything is not as it appears, they may be miserable, in debt up to their eyeballs, having abuse or other scandals behind there golden doors. How many times do we see people who seem to “Have it all” end up in total crisis or dead. Happiness is an inside job it is not external.

I think that sounds like an awful lot of investment on all fronts with no real dividends. Especially considering nobody else really appreciates anyone having more or better of anything. Usually people that talk smack talk smack no matter what. The confines of fitting the norm and being like everyone else is like the stepford wives to me. People rob themselves of there true character and freedom of self expression because of fear. Oh, gasp, you shouldn’t, you can’t, what will people think, what will they say?

They will say what they will say. In fact “People” may take great delight in having something to talk about, especially if they can place themselves above you by assassinating your character or worth.

I say please above all else be true to yourself. Seek what makes you happy, not everyone else. This is your life, this is it, enjoy every possible minute. I avoid people that have it twisted, because it’s all an illusion, King Solomon said all of his vast wealth was like sand falling through his fingers.

This is a poorly paraphrased story from Genesis that I thought of before writing.

When Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge in the garden of Eden (after God told them not to) They realized they were naked and immediately covered themselves. God came into the garden and they hid from Him. God already new what they had done. God said why are you hiding yourselves.

They had everything they could want, but there was more to be had.

I am rich beyond measure, and you are also, “if” you have your values correctly placed. Love everyone, including yourself’ ~ J ~

You’re my Waking Fantasy

Wondrous, gorgeous fortune, you make me rich beyond compare

Your dark hair shimmers magically like water in moonlight causing me to stare

Your eyes like burning embers set my heart ablaze
Whenever your around I hear the song of our love as it plays

Your beauty delights me your intellect insights me your hotness excites me

I love taking you into all of my senses, oh, to hear your voice not even a sentence.

A whisper with a glance makes my heart dance

Your scent fills me, and makes my blood boiling hot it is so intense

My love for you is so immense.

You give me strength, bring me balance, and tame the hungry lion in me

your soul must have been designed for this specifically

I look forward to seizing your being with all the virility, passion, and love of my heart

intertwining our bodies like celestial stars, colliding like demolition derby cars

I will be like the wind and you like the trees, I will wrap around you blow through you, moving your limbs and rustling your leaves.

When we finish in our moment of bliss I say I love you and give you a kiss

I’m Keeping The Strife out of My Life

That’s it! If I have a problem, I HAVE A PROBLEM! “Keeping it real” if my focus is contaminated or disruptive to my life as it happens, I know I need to address it, and then adjust my thinking. My serenity is directly proportionate to my spiritual, mental, and physical wellness. If I focus on the wondrous, life will be wonderful!
You are a incredible creation, what you have, I do not, there’s something very unique and special about you. If you have not discovered it, search yourself, you may not discover it, but it is there. Embrace and love everything that is you. Where we feel we are defective is often our best gift. It gives us the power of witness, our experience is similar to that of a great explorer. We can show others how we have made our way in this life. You were destined for greatness even though it may feel like mediocrity.
Be well, live, and love all, including yourself, ~ J ~

Magnification & Maintaining Focus

Tomorrow has arrived and has become today. What will I allow it to be?
I guess it all depends on what I magnify and how many times my magnification is. When it comes to problems of life, will I be like a child who looks at an ant and gets frightened by it’s monster like appearance. Will I be like the adult who knows it’s only an ant, knowing if I remove the magnifying glass it becomes tiny and relatively harmless. Similarly when we have an injury, if we focus on it, all the worse it feels. It may begin to throb and ache. Think about the hick-ups and they seem like they’ll never go away. Suddenly we realize they’ve gone without our knowing. Sometimes realizing they’ve gone “HICK-UP!” they come back. So too, can be whatever has our focus and attention. I suggest taking the magnifying glass off of whatever disturbs you and putting it over things which fill you with happiness and contentment. Our problems are seldom as big as they appear. Once they pass they’re often forgotten or even a laughably ridiculous waste of time.
“You’ve got to accentuate the positive! Deliberate the negative, and look out for Mr. in between”

Have a very Merry Christmas to those who celebrate and for everyone else I hope the day is merry for you too!
The gift is in the giving, so give your all everywhere!
~ J ~

Missing Pieces and Broken Parts

I think everyone has some part of their life that’s been broken or missing at one time or for the rest of time. Most have experienced heartbreak, loss of loved ones, injuries, illness, etcetera. How we handle it is what defines the quality of our life. I come from hand me downs and sharing as part of my up bringing. Although, I did get a lot of new things, I don’t think I cared for them any more or any less. The things I’ve loved most in my life I’ve always wore out, broke or completely ruined faster. Long after many of these things useful life was complete, I still cherished them. I remember the trucks with missing wheels, I remember my sister had headless dolls she’d play with and so on. My point is the gauge of the love we receive may be in this proportion and also how much more shouldn’t we continue to love ourselves with our missing pieces and broken parts. Keep playing the game with all you have, as if nothing has changed. You still have great value!
~ J ~

It all Happened in an Instant!

I’m in the convenience store waiting at the checkout to pay for my gas. As I stand there, I’m flipping through my IPhone and this scrawny thug life looking Slim Shady wannabe walks in. I noticed him right off because he came in with a bad attitude. I’m standing in line and this clown, steps up right in front of me but away from the counter and not in the line. I get a little aggravated, he’s kind of close and I’m thinking is this fool’s going to try cutting in line? I guess he thought he was a gangster. He quickly reached to his waistband with his left hand and I registered immediately “WEAPON!” He drew a handgun! I don’t know what happened it was like I was on autopilot. Before he was able to completely draw the weapon I was on him! My arm went across his, as if it were the blade of a sword, parrying down trapping his arm. I simultaneously hammer-fisted the the edge of my phone into the side of his face just forward of his ear, then turning his head, taking him down, slamming his head on my knee where the base his skull and top of his spine meet. Taking further control of the gun hand with a wrist lock, I rolled his arm up as if to coil a rope. Pushing him by his face to the ground with the force of inertia, I stepped over him circling around his body like a snake. Finding myself on top of him, with the mussel of the gun he held in his own hand, buried deep in his chest, directly over his heart. I pull his finger “CLICK!” The gun wasn’t loaded. I wrenched it from his hand and struck him across his cheekbone and jaw. I said “I COULD HAVE KILLED YOU!” A perfect line opened up and blood started to come out of his face where the slide apparently cut him. I cleared the weapon and threw it on the ground. I rolled him over twisting his arm as if to wring out a rag as I got up. I was so angry when I thought of the innocent people this scumbag frightened and endangered. I kicked his twisted arm at his elbow, I heard a gravelly crunch as it broke, as he screamed out. I turned to the people there and said, if he moves giggle the arm, he’ll do what you want. I picked up my phone and left, I’ll never forget how quiet they were. I never did get my gas, it all happened in an instant.
Jason Byers
I thought I’d change it up today, let me know what you think, and as always enjoy your life, ~ J ~