Continued Balance

One of the hardest things to maintain in life is balance. I look at the person on a unicycle, on the tightrope, juggling while moving back and forth and think comparatively that’s life.

I don’t think any of us gain true mastery of balance in our lives. Most of us lean heavily or favor some aspect we feel most deserving of our time, talent or treasure.

Some of us become out of balance to the point of illness (Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) this happens when we place too much importance on any one person, place, thing or situation. Since all aspects of our life need a proper portion of our time, talent or treasure, what usually happens is one or all other areas of our life get slighted or stolen from by our unbalance.

When the unbalance is extreme we call it obsession. This happens when we place a disproportionate amount of importance, time, money, thought, and effort on a person place, thing or situation of life, wherein we are consumed by it, physically mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The strongest example is what I call “love sick”.

This can happen upon meeting someone, during a relationship, or the worst form after a break-up. Unbalanced affection and emotion placed on another human being, tipping ourselves so far in their direction that it needs to be received and returned. We’re either hanging in the wind unbalanced and off kilter or we fall flat on our face when it is not. In a break-up, well received love, once flowing back and forth suddenly ends. The flow becomes one way and is like a hang-on shock (electrocution) for some, where the path of their love goes straight to the ground. They continue to lean toward that person but now the equal and opposite support is gone and they are left to keep falling and can’t let go. Since the love was once there and we want what we had back so much we sometimes keep standing up and leaning or worse reaching up from the ground.

Nobody wants someone less than, everybody wants someone equal to or greater. Reaching up or leaning to heavily creates a burden on another where they feel as though they are carrying our weight or that we are in fact dragging them down. The right relationship is of equal support with each fully supporting their own weight (loving themselves and not being totally reliant on the love of the other). There is no end all be all in a relationship the obsession, starts with infatuation, and instead of love becomes possession. When that person leaves it is like they stole from you. (They were yours). This was never true; they were always their own, belonging only to God.


A relationship can only be healthy if each person wants the other person’s happiness more than their own. When a person only seeks after their own happiness, chances are they will not find it because that is selfish and only benefits one. That is a relationship that’s take, take, take, and the constant demand on another without a supply will deplete and diminish all that is given (parasitic or emotional thief). If the person we thought loved us leaves us because they want more or different, true love never really existed. More and better are produced by giving without expectation of return. I often say the gift is in the giving. (RANT) Which translates; if you give somebody a great gift that you put your heart and thought into, just give it? Don’t count the reaction as the value of your gift because they may be spoiled and ungrateful. Your gift is not any less perfect if it is not received well, the gift was of yourself and should have been received according to the compliment of who you are, and what you think they would like. If they miss it, they miss it. It applies in a relationship as well. Your worth cannot be determined by another human being if someone no longer appreciates you to the point they leave, don’t be sad for you be sad for them. Look only at your part see where you may have made mistakes and try not to make them again in the right relationship which is yet to come.

There’s page upon page I could pour into this just about that one aspect but I want to keep it simple.

Overindulgence or over importance of anything can lead to illness

Work, gambling, sex, love, eating, money, drugs alcohol, fill in the blank.

What it comes down to is
what makes us feel good?
If it makes us feel good, more of it would naturally make us feel better.

The problem; When we want something, it’s great, and when we first get it or partake, it makes us feel good. Once it becomes routine, it’s routine, or we try to add to it to get back to great or better.

It never works. Want will always leave you wanting.

The proper balance as I’ve come to find it, always has to be in focus. If I go to extremes one way or another with any person, place, thing, or situation, I have to recognize it and stop.

How do you know?

Is this taking too much of my time, talent or treasure?

We’re really seeking the peace, love, and euphoria only God can provide. Whatever else we try to fill that void with will not suffice.

I had a great man once told me “where a person puts their time, talent, and treasure, is their God.” That is the very thing that rules their existence.

Right thinking and balance are external not internal. I’ve spent many hours praying for right thoughts and right actions as well as freedom from the bondage of self. (Obsessions and addiction).

I prayed that God would help me to stay sober along with guiding my thoughts and actions. (I’ve been sober 10 years)

I asked God to take my cigarette addiction from me because I couldn’t quit on my own. (I haven’t smoked for 9 years)

After my son passed away, I was still sickly obsessed (Love sick) for my wife. I couldn’t bear the burden of both losses. I prayed that God free me of the pain and the love I felt for that woman and the next morning it was gone. I continued to do the next right thing in front of me. I put God first, my Wife and family second and my job third. In the process of seeking The Will of God for me (My true purpose for which I was created) I was shown my true self, how to love rightly, and interact with others. I started to see what I could contribute rather than what I could take.

I’ll leave you with this; I’m happily married today and so is my wife. My marriage was restored to a right love and a balanced relationship. The gift of myself I give freely on all fronts without expectation of return and what I find is that the gift is in the giving and often it is well received and returned 10 fold.

Live well, Jason


Smoke and Dreams

It often seems like smoke and dreams,

I’ve been led to the end of my schemes.

I wonder what it would be like not to be me.

If only for an hour, or just one minute, could I be free, could I forget?

If I did I’d likely have regret.

Is this my reality, is this only smoke and dreams, or is everything just as it seems.

I’m sure I will get the answers when it’s my turn to die, I don’t need to understand, or go crazy asking why?

I have to accept things just the way they are, and say good-bye for now.

We will meet again someday somewhere somehow.

My heart is broken and my eyes hold my tears in,

I will always love you my eternal friend throughout and beyond my lifes end.

In memory of my son Jordan Timothy Byers 3–05–91 to 6–23–05

By Jason Byers sober since 6–23–05


Beautiful heart shine brightly with a smile

know you’re loved and that I think you’re worthwhile.

You were born one of a kind

There’s not one like you don’t be blind

So think your magnificent thoughts with your marvelous mind

Keep people guessing all of the time

No one compares to you, your awesome creation is beyond measure

I’m sure when God made you, He made a real treasure

It’s not your looks, talent, brains or your gifted chatter

Or the lack there of, it’s not what matters

It’s the twinkle of love in your eye that shows the smile on your heart

The glow that radiates from your soul when you’ve done your part

It’s your inner spark

The kind warmth and energy people feel when you’re near

I wouldn’t be surprised if you entered a room and people began to cheer

You can go to extremes sometimes be depressed worried or afraid

You don’t have to feel this way because you are wonderfully made

What your feeling right now is only temporary and it will fade

There’s a bigger picture and it’s not at all scary

Haven’t most of your plans left you a little weary?

So just give up your little plans, your designs, and little schemes

Gods plan for you is beyond your wildest dreams

If you stop right now and say

God you know what’s best for me

Please take away my difficulty?

So I give myself to your capable hands

Please use me and do with me all you can?

I know the life you have planed for me is better than mine

So let us not waste any more time

Please mold me and do with me, as you will?

I just recently heard about some plan, design, or purpose I’m supposed to fulfill

If you’re not to that point yet that’s O.K. I assure you you’re well on your way

If you adjust your thinking, pray a little bit and you just don’t quit

You will soon say, I’m starting to see things differently, I must admit.

Most Precious Gift

All of the things I thought I’d never be

A good father

A good husband

A good version of me

To take a look at a glance, I never thought I had a chance.

My behavior was reprehensibly

My thought incomprehensible

I wasn’t at all sensible

For reasons unknown to me God gave me his grace.

Thankfully the prayers of others didn’t go to waste

Finally my own life, I have a taste

My beautiful wife and family I could never replace

One day I hope to see God’s face

For the man I once was there is barley a trace



I know my place

A sense of belonging and purpose have been given to me

My responsibility I will not flee

So I will give back to God what belongs to thee

Thank You for your mercy and for remembering me

I hope to be a good servant to my fellows

To You

The ones I love

And to me

Thank You God I’m finally free.

Jason Byers

Ever Enthusiastic

It’s a fantastic day to be freakishly awesome!!!
Are you with me?
The word enthusiastic popped into my head today. I gave some thought about how many of us attempt to break away from the mundane day to day by initiating change. You know? The thought of changing jobs, friends, relationships, etcetera. This poses a couple of issues
1. The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.
2. The grass is always a little greener on the other side of the fence. (Until we secure the property and stop maintaining it)
3. it’s likely our change will put us in a similar situation as we’re presently in.

This is what came to my mind next.

Let’s make everything we can better where we are by bringing positive continual effort to all of it!
My own life prompted some of this in part by recently acquiring new home owners insurance. My roof is 20 years old (in good condition) and many insurance companies won’t cover it with out a new roof.
I found one that would, but they want to perform a home inspection. I asked “What will they look for?” The lady responded basically “Pride in ownership.”
Those words have resonated with me ever since except louder and with more (you guessed it) enthusiasm
PrIdE iN oWnErShIp????
Pride In Ownership…
I looked around and getting ready for THE INSPECTION!!!!!!
I decided I needed to take a little more pride in my ownership. I fixed and straightened a multitude of things I have neglected.
It’s been a game changer!
The results are visible, everything looks great, the whole family has taken a little more pride in their area.
I feel and see the difference in everyone’s demeanor (spirit if you will).
Outside the home front, I’ve been applying those words to my state of being, my position at work and in the world.
I’m going to strive to continually exude a high level of confidence (not cockiness) kindness, generosity and enthusiasm.
I’m going to apply the same level of these attributes to your life and everyone else’s. I’m excited! I see the infinite potential in you and I know what a difference even the smallest things make. (Butterfly effect)
Where there is sadness may we instill gladness, let’s put our smiles on and get into it!!!!

Show a genuine interest, make time for everyone you come in contact with. Let them know they are worth while. If someone provides you a service, you wouldn’t have it if they’re not there “RESPECT!” You’re important to them also, they are employed because of our needs.

Enthusiastic; Having or showing intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval

Mad respect for who you are an what you do!
Please recognize you’re significant,
~ J ~

Child of Light

Bitter morass of darkness like unending night

Moonbeams obscured by the midnight flight of a raven

I watch silently in horror of the coming day

The simple comfort of loneliness surrounds me with its sweet melancholy touch

I look into the window of my mind, and the room is empty

Hope has ended

I long for the resurrection of my soul, that I may be whole once more

The dawn comes soon yet I find myself frightened

Deaths touch is not welcomed

I am warmed by the breath of the woman who loves me

The children smile that I might live

The new day is here

I move forward, like walking in a snowdrifts cold

I cannot stop, for I would die

I walk for the warmth of love

To give the strength of giants from the frail weakness of a wilted flower

Child of light coming out of darkness

Living in a world with out end

The new day must begin


And spread goodness

Jason Byers

Bringing It!

Another day is upon us! Wait that’s not quite right? Another multitude of opportunities is upon us!
The opportunity to learn from days gone by and the challenges of today.
To be grateful in all circumstances even through adversity. I will strive to see the value in all that I do today. I’m going to hit the ground running, like a man on a mission. At my work days summation, I will look at my efforts and appreciate what I accomplished. God forbidding any problems that may arise, I will handle them one at a time and give them no more of my time, thought, and energy they require. If they are beyond my means of rectification, I will accept them and move on. Anyone who comes to me with a problem this day, I will keep in my mind that it is THEIR PROBLEM. I will be conscious not to empathize to the point of hindering my emotional well being and kick ass great mood. (Not to be self centered or cold, only to protect my wellness from bearing the weight of the world on my shoulders.) I will lift up and attempt to motivate people who are down. I will limit my fellowship with anyone content in their misery. Ever conscious that it is easier to pull someone down than it is to lift them up. I will stand tall, understand that we’re human and not place unreasonable expectations on myself or others!
This day is ours, let’s see what we can do with it!

Our world is sometimes limited. Keep in mind despite that you have unlimited potential!
Have a kick ass great day! Jason