Missing Pieces and Broken Parts

I think everyone has some part of their life that’s been broken or missing at one time or for the rest of time. Most have experienced heartbreak, loss of loved ones, injuries, illness, etcetera. How we handle it is what defines the quality of our life. I come from hand me downs and sharing as part of my up bringing. Although, I did get a lot of new things, I don’t think I cared for them any more or any less. The things I’ve loved most in my life I’ve always wore out, broke or completely ruined faster. Long after many of these things useful life was complete, I still cherished them. I remember the trucks with missing wheels, I remember my sister had headless dolls she’d play with and so on. My point is the gauge of the love we receive may be in this proportion and also how much more shouldn’t we continue to love ourselves with our missing pieces and broken parts. Keep playing the game with all you have, as if nothing has changed. You still have great value!
~ J ~


One thought on “Missing Pieces and Broken Parts”

  1. Funny I was just talking to my 17 year old on this yesterday. I gave him toys when he was little that I had as a kid and they were worn out fast. Just shows how different people take care of things. They didn’t last long with him but the toys were in good shape when he got them…lol…great memories… hand me downs…broken parts on your favorite toys… 🙂

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