It all Happened in an Instant!

I’m in the convenience store waiting at the checkout to pay for my gas. As I stand there, I’m flipping through my IPhone and this scrawny thug life looking Slim Shady wannabe walks in. I noticed him right off because he came in with a bad attitude. I’m standing in line and this clown, steps up right in front of me but away from the counter and not in the line. I get a little aggravated, he’s kind of close and I’m thinking is this fool’s going to try cutting in line? I guess he thought he was a gangster. He quickly reached to his waistband with his left hand and I registered immediately “WEAPON!” He drew a handgun! I don’t know what happened it was like I was on autopilot. Before he was able to completely draw the weapon I was on him! My arm went across his, as if it were the blade of a sword, parrying down trapping his arm. I simultaneously hammer-fisted the the edge of my phone into the side of his face just forward of his ear, then turning his head, taking him down, slamming his head on my knee where the base his skull and top of his spine meet. Taking further control of the gun hand with a wrist lock, I rolled his arm up as if to coil a rope. Pushing him by his face to the ground with the force of inertia, I stepped over him circling around his body like a snake. Finding myself on top of him, with the mussel of the gun he held in his own hand, buried deep in his chest, directly over his heart. I pull his finger “CLICK!” The gun wasn’t loaded. I wrenched it from his hand and struck him across his cheekbone and jaw. I said “I COULD HAVE KILLED YOU!” A perfect line opened up and blood started to come out of his face where the slide apparently cut him. I cleared the weapon and threw it on the ground. I rolled him over twisting his arm as if to wring out a rag as I got up. I was so angry when I thought of the innocent people this scumbag frightened and endangered. I kicked his twisted arm at his elbow, I heard a gravelly crunch as it broke, as he screamed out. I turned to the people there and said, if he moves giggle the arm, he’ll do what you want. I picked up my phone and left, I’ll never forget how quiet they were. I never did get my gas, it all happened in an instant.
Jason Byers
I thought I’d change it up today, let me know what you think, and as always enjoy your life, ~ J ~

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