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Night Terror

Sleep sets in I arrive in my nightly scene 

cast of haze inside this place

quite an eerie thing

This is where the darkness waits again, fix your mind this is in your brain

Sense of dread within, as I walk through bloodstain 

I pray for ease of this strain 

Lift the chain

How long must I do this in vein 

The occasional horror I am trapped 

as if I’ve been grabbed by a force unseen, I can’t scream in my dream 

Always silent it would seem

I can’t breathe, I’ve been seized 

Something has a hold on me

A phantom it must be

I can’t move, I want to be free

Sliding down the wall I collapse trying to yell

hhhellp! HHhelp!! 

It comes out 


Winter Dance

Autumn moon’s a flutter, it is winter time

He drinks wine from her lips, as he spills his lies

The heat of their passion fills the room,

They’ve known each other for a time, yet they are strangers

Hiding themselves like children in a game of hide and seek 

Oblivious to the fact the other knowns their hidden places

Clinging tightly to that which they think they love, always with the lingering fear of losing their grip

Pulling and undulating, sliding on sweat, striving to make the other never forget

A breath and a whisper of naughty things said, as they behave badly tangled in the bed

A powerful clinch and embrace, ecstasy written all over their face

Lust’s sweet release and primitive peace

Lying into rest after passions success 

Fingers through hair they sweep, kisses so sweet and then falling asleep.

Smoke and Dreams

It often seems like smoke and dreams,

I’ve been led to the end of my schemes.

I wonder what it would be like not to be me.

If only for an hour, or just one minute, could I be free, could I forget?

If I did I’d likely have regret.

Is this my reality, is this only smoke and dreams, or is everything just as it seems.

I’m sure I will get the answers when it’s my turn to die, I don’t need to understand, or go crazy asking why?

I have to accept things just the way they are, and say good-bye for now.

We will meet again someday somewhere somehow.

My heart is broken and my eyes hold my tears in,

I will always love you my eternal friend throughout and beyond my lifes end.

In memory of my son Jordan Timothy Byers 3–05–91 to 6–23–05

By Jason Byers sober since 6–23–05

Most Precious Gift

All of the things I thought I’d never be

A good father

A good husband

A good version of me

To take a look at a glance, I never thought I had a chance.

My behavior was reprehensibly

My thought incomprehensible

I wasn’t at all sensible

For reasons unknown to me God gave me his grace.

Thankfully the prayers of others didn’t go to waste

Finally my own life, I have a taste

My beautiful wife and family I could never replace

One day I hope to see God’s face

For the man I once was there is barley a trace



I know my place

A sense of belonging and purpose have been given to me

My responsibility I will not flee

So I will give back to God what belongs to thee

Thank You for your mercy and for remembering me

I hope to be a good servant to my fellows

To You

The ones I love

And to me

Thank You God I’m finally free.

Jason Byers

Child of Light

Bitter morass of darkness like unending night

Moonbeams obscured by the midnight flight of a raven

I watch silently in horror of the coming day

The simple comfort of loneliness surrounds me with its sweet melancholy touch

I look into the window of my mind, and the room is empty

Hope has ended

I long for the resurrection of my soul, that I may be whole once more

The dawn comes soon yet I find myself frightened

Deaths touch is not welcomed

I am warmed by the breath of the woman who loves me

The children smile that I might live

The new day is here

I move forward, like walking in a snowdrifts cold

I cannot stop, for I would die

I walk for the warmth of love

To give the strength of giants from the frail weakness of a wilted flower

Child of light coming out of darkness

Living in a world with out end

The new day must begin


And spread goodness

Jason Byers

Vibrancy Fleeting

There are beautiful things

Birds with wings,

When a child sings

The beginning of spring

We see the buds on trees

We plant flowers on our knees

The fresh rain rides on a black cloud

Dark like ashes and cinder

To wash away the dreary deadness of the long white winter.

All of the colors come back marked by rainbow

New life abounds with many sounds

Summer comes with its warm, sunny days blinding light.

The rain wanes along with the haze

Summer breeze rustles through the trees

During the summer new love is found

Celebration of freedom is all around

People have picnics and play in the park.

Some have parties into the dark

Like feathers that fall in the forest or the leaves at summer’s end,

Every new beginning must run its course

For the leaves or the rainbows passing we have no remorse

We know the cycle is certain it has not changed

Sometimes we wish we could rearrange

Life ends and new life begins,

All things have a season

Some are measurable and some defy reason

We appreciate the beautiful now

With love and appreciation is how

In our season with the people we’re meeting

Let us remember, “Vibrancy is Fleeting”