The Challenge

This title popped into my head this morning after thinking about the first two days of my new year. Yesterday we had no hot water until I replaced the heating elements in the water heater. Today people are installing a new roof on my house. My first thought was “I hope this is not the theme for the new year, everyday something new!” I laughed it off while being slightly unsettled. As I continued, there it was “The Challenge!” Life is a challenge! Nearly everyday, I believe there’s at least one thing if not multiple things that challenge all of us. Many people live with challenges. A while back I was heading into Sunday Holy Mass. My family and I were walking passed a gentleman who was faced with an extreme every second challenge. He has been without the use of his legs for a long time and is confined to a wheelchair. Before I continue allow me to clarify my position, it is of appreciation, respect and admiration not pity. I witnessed him struggle as he went through “getting out of his car”. I write it like that because it was quite a process. I could see clearly he was involved in a struggle, so I asked him if he minded if I helped. He said, “thank you, I’d appreciate it”. I sent my family ahead and helped him make the transition from his car to the wheelchair. The seat was covered with duct tape (he said it made it easier to slide) He had wrestled his wheel chair out of the passenger side of the car as he sat twisted in the front seat. (This is what grabbed my attention in the first place). He instructed me on how to assemble the parts as he handed them out to me and told me to lock the wheels. He then took a board he used to make a bridge/slide enabling him to transition from the car to the chair. He slid across struggling to keep his pants on as he went, I stood in the opening bracing his chair as I shielded his dignity from any onlookers. Once aboard his chair he pulled his pants back up and tossed the board in the car. I said to him, I wasn’t sure if he wanted my help or not, because he always seemed so self-sufficient. He responded “it used to be easier but now I have arthritis and don’t have the strength I used to. “The Challenge” mine thus far has not been so difficult comparatively. This is a true story., I have great respect for this man he drove himself their using hand controls in his car. God only knows what he endured already that morning (things we take for granted) all to attend Mass. Today I meet it head on, I get to play auto mechanic today, changing an alternator. I thank God that I have all the necessary abilities for the challenges I face.
Enjoy the challenge, bring all you have and conquer your day, ~ J ~


4 thoughts on “The Challenge”

    1. Thank you. Since I know you believe, I offer this prayer on your behalf. May God bless you and your family with health, prosperity, love, and kindness according to His Perfect Will and your faith, in Jesus Christ Most Holy Name I pray? In The Name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit Amen.


  1. Thank you for writing this, causing me to contemplate. As a believer, and one who loves to worship and gather with the like, it brings a bit of sadness as well. Although, not exactly your point…. I envision this man taking great and labored steps to attend services, and some of us can’t make it because…… well because we have many excuses. How blessed we are for our working parts, and yet some still complain.

    Thank you again for sharing this with us.

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    1. In part that is always tthere and other things. What is hidden in this text is a man that still loves God despite being cripple, also the great effort he made not only to get up and get going but the why of wanting to be in communion with God and us as The Body of Christ. The primary message was we have no business feeling sorry for ourselves, life is great no matter the circumstances if you have the right perspective. Thank you for your great comments

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