You’re my Waking Fantasy

Wondrous, gorgeous fortune, you make me rich beyond compare

Your dark hair shimmers magically like water in moonlight causing me to stare

Your eyes like burning embers set my heart ablaze
Whenever your around I hear the song of our love as it plays

Your beauty delights me your intellect insights me your hotness excites me

I love taking you into all of my senses, oh, to hear your voice not even a sentence.

A whisper with a glance makes my heart dance

Your scent fills me, and makes my blood boiling hot it is so intense

My love for you is so immense.

You give me strength, bring me balance, and tame the hungry lion in me

your soul must have been designed for this specifically

I look forward to seizing your being with all the virility, passion, and love of my heart

intertwining our bodies like celestial stars, colliding like demolition derby cars

I will be like the wind and you like the trees, I will wrap around you blow through you, moving your limbs and rustling your leaves.

When we finish in our moment of bliss I say I love you and give you a kiss


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