Just Being a Human Being

Today I just sit here a bit chill

know great advice or wisdom to spill

sometimes I come off a little prophetic

other times I feel pathetic

a bunch of words on a page from a rambling mind that has run

all the things I’ve said and done

when I write things down is it just for fun

I hope I could make a difference and help someone

it doesn’t need to be many, I’d do it for any

the only reward in what I write is to possibly help people in their plight

I’m not full of myself or think I’m too bright

I’ve been provided these tools by others which help me live right

I’m not a robot that goes on emotionless, without feeling

I feel good today, not up, not down, I’m dealing

enough for now we all need time for healing

so I will sit here and allow myself to be a human being

not depressed not excited not even a feeling

for a change I’m just relaxed, done pushing myself to the max

I need this time, I must face facts

I’ll leave you with this as I finish

I will sit back and let my thoughts diminish

It’s not selfish feeling the stillness of my soul as I let it all go

at peace alone in a quiet room, it is so freeing

It’s OK just being a human being.

Jason Byers


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