Conscious or Unconscious

I see you being very happy and contented with your life in the very near future. You’ve probably heard that happiness is a conscious decision that can be made at anytime. I think there’s some truth in this, however happiness is an emotion not a thought. I believe that adjusting what you’re thinking about can create happiness and contentment.

What activity, treat, or thing makes you happier than anything in the world?

When was the last time you made it a point to enjoy that?

Unconscious unhappiness or discontent can set in quickly and go on unnoticed for as long as we allow it. I call it being in a funk or stuck in a rut. That’s when we need some “me time” to go and do what we love. Something that makes us feel younger or reminds us of great times. Still better, do something new and exciting. I’ve said play music from yesteryear or think of fond memories. Photo albums are good tools as well.

Then there’s the conscious variety which can be very comfortable. Where we may become melancholy (feeling sorry for yourself or having a generally down disposition). This is actively embracing misery and super-sizing problems instead of looking for solutions. Let’s face it, that’s a straight up cop out. A reason not to participate, continue a pattern of isolation, or to have the excuse at the ready of “If your life was like mine you’d be this way too.” (Another Irish word “Malarkey”) I’ve heard it said “Poor me! Poor me! Pour me another drink?” If we are not in the solution then we are the problem. Enough of that HAPPY THOUGHTS

Our problems most often center in our mind regardless of the external stimulus/situation. It’s not what happens to us or around us, it’s our reaction and/or our ability to accept or understand. Some things are easy just as simple as changing our environment or refocusing our thoughts onto what makes us happy. Other deep issues or circumstances of life we are unable to accept, need real attention. We cannot easily gloss over serious issues or stuff them down successfully for long. These will always manifest themselves. Usually at the worst possible times. We may displace that emotion in the form of anger or bitterness toward an undeserving person.

This makes us mentally, spiritually, and sometimes physically ill. If you have any resentment or deep hurt that you’re holding on to. I recommend that you put pen to paper and right out the issue and try to look at it from another perspective. We look at our part. If you believe as I do ask God to help you to understand or accept what has happened, pray for the ability to forgive anyone you may have a resentment toward.

This is part of what I used to become the way I am today.
Bottom of Pg. 60-69 Pg. 552 and 417
Can be read on line at Big book

One of the best things I can do if I’m having any problem of self is to immediately think of someone else and how I might be helpful to them.


Flip the script change your thinking, if the records skipping, pick up the needle and put it on the next track.

Peace and goodness to you, Jason


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