Economy of Motion

Does what I do pass the litmus test? Meaning are all my efforts bringing me the desired results? I entitled this blog “Economy of Motion” I study the martial arts and I frequently engage in physical labor. In both of these aspects of my life the foremost effective and important thing is “economy of motion”. In plain English making the smallest or simplest natural movement necessary to achieve the maximum effect or result. this equates to running swimming and many other physical activities. If you waste movement, effort, and energy you will tire quickly and will not do as much, go as far, achieve the maximum result. or worse be defeated by whatever opposes you. I have started to really apply this concept to nearly every aspect of my life. I had the privilege of a young man of 23 speaking to me yesterday about his position in life. He spoke of his need to learn six languages, also his desire to learn to do construction and auto mechanics. He spoke of wondering what group of people he might belong to, and how some girl who’s parents have money has a tendency to talk down to him. He was all over the place simply because he’s 23 and trying to figure it all out, he currently is living in a tent and working as a dishwasher, yet he was speaking of traveling to Romania to find a wife. I spoke to him about economy of motion and the necessities of life. First on the languages I said “How many of these 6 languages do you speak fluently?” (English was the answer we arrived at) I asked him why, he felt he needed to learn all of them? Basically, he wanted to obtain a higher degree of intelligence. A friend that was with us said you’re as intelligent as you’re ever going to be right now. You may gain more knowledge but your intelligence will be the same. “I know a lot of really knowledgeable people who aren’t very intelligent.

To the point; I said to him learn one language at a time because you will confuse them and not learn any of them all at once. I also said “You don’t have to figure it all out right now. Just work on what is right in front of you.” In his present position minus the God thing, I said the most important things for you right now, are the necessities of life; Job, Food, Shelter, everything else is hobby at this point. and as far as his group I explained “You belong where you say you belong.” We can’t base our lives on the acceptance of others. My friend said “You are part of the human race.” to which I gave him a pat on the shoulder and said “Welcome”

Speaking to economy of motion in our lives where they are today in relationship with that, I’ll present a few simple questions.

Am I making the best use of my time and achieving the maximum result with the minimum of effort?

Do I have excessive unnecessary activity in my life that is stealing from other areas of it or depriving me of interaction with people? (Partying, gambling, any obbsession/compulsion , hobby, Facebook, Pintrest, blogging, LOL)

Is the way I presently conduct my life working for me.

Finally am I using the economy of my thought well? (not wasting time on needless worry, or resentments of people or situations which are beyond my control or in the past.)

Finding Zero

Where is my starting point absolute zero? What is truly necessary in my life? What are the best methods and movements to achieve all of my objectives and to maintain what and who is important to me? What is the order of importance? Do I need to eliminate or moderate any of my actions/activities which are inhibiting me, causing myself harm or harming others?

I encourage you to narrow your focus onto what is important, and seek the best result from all you do.

Live well my friends, if something is to heavy to lift off your shoulders alone, ask for help


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