Beautiful heart shine brightly with a smile

know you’re loved and that I think you’re worthwhile.

You were born one of a kind

There’s not one like you don’t be blind

So think your magnificent thoughts with your marvelous mind

Keep people guessing all of the time

No one compares to you, your awesome creation is beyond measure

I’m sure when God made you, He made a real treasure

It’s not your looks, talent, brains or your gifted chatter

Or the lack there of, it’s not what matters

It’s the twinkle of love in your eye that shows the smile on your heart

The glow that radiates from your soul when you’ve done your part

It’s your inner spark

The kind warmth and energy people feel when you’re near

I wouldn’t be surprised if you entered a room and people began to cheer

You can go to extremes sometimes be depressed worried or afraid

You don’t have to feel this way because you are wonderfully made

What your feeling right now is only temporary and it will fade

There’s a bigger picture and it’s not at all scary

Haven’t most of your plans left you a little weary?

So just give up your little plans, your designs, and little schemes

Gods plan for you is beyond your wildest dreams

If you stop right now and say

God you know what’s best for me

Please take away my difficulty?

So I give myself to your capable hands

Please use me and do with me all you can?

I know the life you have planed for me is better than mine

So let us not waste any more time

Please mold me and do with me, as you will?

I just recently heard about some plan, design, or purpose I’m supposed to fulfill

If you’re not to that point yet that’s O.K. I assure you you’re well on your way

If you adjust your thinking, pray a little bit and you just don’t quit

You will soon say, I’m starting to see things differently, I must admit.


2 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL YOU”

  1. Jason, you are the most amazing person I have ever met. I just stumbled upon your blog, more likely the Holy Spirit lead me to it, and I am awed by your writings. I thought you were awesome before with your knowledge and understanding of scripture when we were in RCIA and then our faith group, but I am overwhelmed with this deeper discovery of you. I pray that one day I will also have such a deep relationship with our Lord as you do. I can only imagine. Thank you for your openness, sharing your life and your thoughts. You are helping this blind man to see. God Bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind words. With what i’ve seen you go through in your walk, you are already there. I’m a wirk in progress also, some days better tam others. It is through continual self abandon that I know peace. I constantly resign myself to The Will of God and do my best to have faith and trust in Him. That’s what this is, even though it’s about me, it’s not about me. Writing really helps, I encourage you to try it. I have a great respect and love for you. Your email the other day was awesome, have a wonderful Wednesday Kim


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