Ever Enthusiastic

It’s a fantastic day to be freakishly awesome!!!
Are you with me?
The word enthusiastic popped into my head today. I gave some thought about how many of us attempt to break away from the mundane day to day by initiating change. You know? The thought of changing jobs, friends, relationships, etcetera. This poses a couple of issues
1. The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.
2. The grass is always a little greener on the other side of the fence. (Until we secure the property and stop maintaining it)
3. it’s likely our change will put us in a similar situation as we’re presently in.

This is what came to my mind next.

Let’s make everything we can better where we are by bringing positive continual effort to all of it!
My own life prompted some of this in part by recently acquiring new home owners insurance. My roof is 20 years old (in good condition) and many insurance companies won’t cover it with out a new roof.
I found one that would, but they want to perform a home inspection. I asked “What will they look for?” The lady responded basically “Pride in ownership.”
Those words have resonated with me ever since except louder and with more (you guessed it) enthusiasm
PrIdE iN oWnErShIp????
Pride In Ownership…
I looked around and getting ready for THE INSPECTION!!!!!!
I decided I needed to take a little more pride in my ownership. I fixed and straightened a multitude of things I have neglected.
It’s been a game changer!
The results are visible, everything looks great, the whole family has taken a little more pride in their area.
I feel and see the difference in everyone’s demeanor (spirit if you will).
Outside the home front, I’ve been applying those words to my state of being, my position at work and in the world.
I’m going to strive to continually exude a high level of confidence (not cockiness) kindness, generosity and enthusiasm.
I’m going to apply the same level of these attributes to your life and everyone else’s. I’m excited! I see the infinite potential in you and I know what a difference even the smallest things make. (Butterfly effect)
Where there is sadness may we instill gladness, let’s put our smiles on and get into it!!!!

Show a genuine interest, make time for everyone you come in contact with. Let them know they are worth while. If someone provides you a service, you wouldn’t have it if they’re not there “RESPECT!” You’re important to them also, they are employed because of our needs.

Enthusiastic; Having or showing intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval

Mad respect for who you are an what you do!
Please recognize you’re significant,
~ J ~


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