Child of Light

Bitter morass of darkness like unending night

Moonbeams obscured by the midnight flight of a raven

I watch silently in horror of the coming day

The simple comfort of loneliness surrounds me with its sweet melancholy touch

I look into the window of my mind, and the room is empty

Hope has ended

I long for the resurrection of my soul, that I may be whole once more

The dawn comes soon yet I find myself frightened

Deaths touch is not welcomed

I am warmed by the breath of the woman who loves me

The children smile that I might live

The new day is here

I move forward, like walking in a snowdrifts cold

I cannot stop, for I would die

I walk for the warmth of love

To give the strength of giants from the frail weakness of a wilted flower

Child of light coming out of darkness

Living in a world with out end

The new day must begin


And spread goodness

Jason Byers


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