Bringing It!

Another day is upon us! Wait that’s not quite right? Another multitude of opportunities is upon us!
The opportunity to learn from days gone by and the challenges of today.
To be grateful in all circumstances even through adversity. I will strive to see the value in all that I do today. I’m going to hit the ground running, like a man on a mission. At my work days summation, I will look at my efforts and appreciate what I accomplished. God forbidding any problems that may arise, I will handle them one at a time and give them no more of my time, thought, and energy they require. If they are beyond my means of rectification, I will accept them and move on. Anyone who comes to me with a problem this day, I will keep in my mind that it is THEIR PROBLEM. I will be conscious not to empathize to the point of hindering my emotional well being and kick ass great mood. (Not to be self centered or cold, only to protect my wellness from bearing the weight of the world on my shoulders.) I will lift up and attempt to motivate people who are down. I will limit my fellowship with anyone content in their misery. Ever conscious that it is easier to pull someone down than it is to lift them up. I will stand tall, understand that we’re human and not place unreasonable expectations on myself or others!
This day is ours, let’s see what we can do with it!

Our world is sometimes limited. Keep in mind despite that you have unlimited potential!
Have a kick ass great day! Jason


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