Vibrancy Fleeting

There are beautiful things

Birds with wings,

When a child sings

The beginning of spring

We see the buds on trees

We plant flowers on our knees

The fresh rain rides on a black cloud

Dark like ashes and cinder

To wash away the dreary deadness of the long white winter.

All of the colors come back marked by rainbow

New life abounds with many sounds

Summer comes with its warm, sunny days blinding light.

The rain wanes along with the haze

Summer breeze rustles through the trees

During the summer new love is found

Celebration of freedom is all around

People have picnics and play in the park.

Some have parties into the dark

Like feathers that fall in the forest or the leaves at summer’s end,

Every new beginning must run its course

For the leaves or the rainbows passing we have no remorse

We know the cycle is certain it has not changed

Sometimes we wish we could rearrange

Life ends and new life begins,

All things have a season

Some are measurable and some defy reason

We appreciate the beautiful now

With love and appreciation is how

In our season with the people we’re meeting

Let us remember, “Vibrancy is Fleeting”


3 thoughts on “Vibrancy Fleeting”

    1. Thank you for you kindness and re blog, that’s really cool. I love poetry also, there’s something very healing about writing it. I have more original work I’ll be sharing in the future. these works are some years old now, this one is probably my favorite. Thank you again, keep shining your light it’s beautiful, ~ J ~

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