Inner Lion

Yesterday I posted a euphemism about a lion and a zebra. I noticed today, I failed to mention our inner predator. The lion that tells us things will be different this time. (They probably won’t be)
The one who tells us everyone around us is crazy, and that they should mind their own business. (Is it really everyone else?)
Your inner lion that says you can do this or that and no one will ever know. (but you will)
Your inner lion may insult you and tell you, you’re worthless, stupid, geek, crazy,ugly, fat, skinny, short, too tall, clumsy, arrogant, depressing, hyper, mean, nasty, not loved, hated, alone, or any number of things. If anyone of those words (which are only words) hit you or you thought of your own because I left it out. That is your “inner lion” and it’s lying to you, it only seeks your destruction and to consume you with a negative self image and broken confidence.
If we listen we are doomed, run from the lion as soon as you here his voice, counter the thought or compliment the thought, some terms are extremely negative. However, all of the things I mentioned are not negative.
That depends on your perspective. Many are considered attributes, sought after qualities of the human condition that others love. If you take it as a negative counter it with it’s opposite or accentuate it as an attribute.
Say it aloud again and again until you’re convinced of it’s truth and your real worth. You are special, unique and have great value!
Don’t ever allow anyone to tell you different especially your inner lion.
Get a chair and crack that whip, because what’s in you, is all yours.

Problems of self or external abuse can often be to much for us. If you need help please tell someone, or seek it out privately. Your life’s quality depends on your continual effort for better or worse.
If you have an obsession, compulsive behavior, or addiction you can’t control or break free from, GET HELP!
You deserve better for yourself and the people who love you.
Your problem doesn’t define who you are, it’s a symptom of a spiritual, mental and/or physical illness which can be remedied.

I’m not a professional in this field. I’m recovered, this is my personal opinion based on my experience. If you really want help seek a professional, group, church, or employee assistance program.


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