Where’s My Heart?

What do my actions and words say to her or him of where my heart is, if I know a list of things I continually do or don’t do that they don’t like.

Why wouldn’t I make not doing or doing those things my top priority?
After all who is the most important person in my life.
She is or he is right?
Then why would I put anything in front of her or him?
We work so that we can enjoy life with the person we love the most.
It doesn’t make sense to put work, a project, hobby, event or my own wants and needs before them.

If I put the happiness and the desires of my spouse ahead of my own and they do likewise, we’ll always be happy.
Our spouse is our biggest ally, it’s us against the world we should always be on the same side.
The right and balanced order is
God first, Spouse and family second, and job third
Don’t waste time thinking of yourself place others first and they’ll think of you plenty
Maybe I’ll start by not doing the thing that makes her pull her hair out or by putting a little extra effort into doing what she’d like me to.

Goodness and greatness, ~ j ~


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