Putting On My Game Face

Waking this morning I find myself tiered. I engaged in a lot of physical exercise last night after running around all day at work.

Coffee!!! That is my present answer, and vitamins

How do we get from zero to hero
Go from being dead tired to energetic and happy.

I turn my focus to others, I’ll begin with you.

It is my true hope that you have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend. You may not know it but you have the power to save lives today, to shine a ray of light into someone’s dark world or brighten a dull day. if we’re fortunate enough we may encounter someone who needs compassion and encouragement, we can easily provide this at no cost to us.

What to say is not of much importance . You may think, I don’t know if I could do that? If you see the person, you know the one visibly stressed perhaps, head in hand or even crying. Think of them as yourself, or a close friend
Approach them and say something like;
Good (whatever time of day it is)
Whatever is going on with you right now has just got you really overwhelmed, you will come to understand it and make your peace, you don’t have to do it all right now. I hope you try to shift your focus away from what’s got you upset. You seem like a great person and people will miss your smile today if your not wearing it.

Easier with less talk is;
Hey, I hope your day gets better the way you feel right now will change, try not to let it ruin your whole day.

Why don’t you try to pull yourself together and change your focus, it isn’t doing you any good to dwell on what’s troubling you. Try and think of something that makes you happy.

We can stay hurt or upset as long we like. It is far better to assess whether or not we can affect or change what is bothering us or not. If we have no power or control over it all we can do is allow it to happen the way it is supposed to.
Best advice I ever got.
1. Get out of the problem and get into the solution.
2. Just do the next right thing that is in front of you
3. If I’m not the problem there is no solution
3. Is the simpler than it sounds
The problem although it may be an external situation, the real problem resides in our ability to cope, understand, or accept something.
Usually when something goes against our will, what we want, or think we need, and our inability to accept it.

If you or someone you know is in a struggle I suggest questioning it for yourselves
What am I to learn from this?”
Am I out of balance, have I put to much importance on someone or something?
Have I made myself dependent or am I obsessing over?
Disorder or unbalance can cause spiritual illness and sadness, we can want or need things too much, seek balance

Let go and let God Thy Will not mine be done
Happy is the only way to be, why bother with anything else, Jason


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