Believe it or not that’s an understatement. If you don’t see it maybe you haven’t been told for a while.

It’s true you’re awesome!

You need to tell yourself so you can hear it!       I’m Awesome!

If you didn’t feel awesome say it again, and this time own it.


You should have felt that and it feels good. That is something small to say  and it’s important for you to understand how true it is.

You are one of a kind. Created for a unique purpose. You are the only one that can bring what you have to offer.

Your intellect, wit, looks, laugh, charm, mannerisms, passion, focus, ability, experience, wisdom, insight, caring, thoughtfulness,compassion,  and so on.


Believe that you are wonderfully made and unique. I do.  I know it’s true.

Always talk nice to yourself. Try not to make negative comments when you make mistakes or something breaks.

Allow yourelf to be human. It is your imperfections which make “THE PERFECT YOU.”

If you really want to drive this home and make it an active part of your life, make a list of your best qualities, then read them aloud to yourself while you look in a mirror. Sounds goofy, but it really isn’t. Sometimes we need convincing and nobody else is doing it because they’re to busy with themselves.

If you do that, take it to the next level and make sure to tell everyone you can, as you encounter them, that they’re awesome and how incedible or amazing you think they are or what they do is and maybe even tell them why.

DON’T just say it! Wait for it to be real and genuine.  You have to mean it or it comes off like sarcasm or BS. They need to believe it too!

Keep doing what you’re doing, strive to be better, and help me make the world a better place one smile at a time.

You are awesome!!!





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