Taking your life and make it a living testimony to others.

Your story is unique to you, but there’s likely others that can identify with the events of your life.

If you’ve gone through the dark woods, climbed the mountain, swam the rapids, and weathered the storm, you have the gift of experience.

You’ve been there you’ve done that, maybe you wrote a book (LOL)

The question is, was it all for nothing?
Absolutely not, you can help where perhaps no one else can.

You can show someone else the way, how you were victorious, how did you go on living a happy life.

Wounded veteran?
Cancer survivor?
Death of parents?
Recovered Alcoholic?
Sex, drug addict?
Add infitum

What’s your experience, where have you found strength, and what is your hope?

Now where can you carry your message of hope, and also receive hope and healing telling your story and from listening to others.

There are many groups which are free to attend that would greatly benefit by your participation.
Pick the difficulty you’ve overcome and search out a support group, or create it.
There’s only one you, and nobody will ever no your experience unless you share it, let it not be in vein but in victory.
Healing’s in helping, Jason


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