Worth and Worry

I don’t believe money and possession is the definition of our worth.

A wealthy person might say poor people who don’t have much often say that.
I had to pause for a second at how true both statements are.

I know worth is measured by others and by ones self, self worth is the most important, if we had everything and had loved and lost, we would give it all away to have our love back. If we were mortally wounded, deathly ill, or maimed what wouldn’t we give for good health.

King Solomon had immense wealth and said it was like sand sifting through his fingers.

If we live paycheck to paycheck, the mail box is full of final notices and the phone rings off the wall with calls from debt collectors, do we worry?

Worrying is futile, absolutely nothing good results from it.
Worry is fear of the “what if’s” and eminent consequence. It cannot change the outcome for the better it can only stress you out and steal your peace. It only makes it more dreadful and eventually affects your health.

A rule I’ve had since I was 20;
If there’s nothing I can do, I’m not going to worry about it.
The fact is we can put nearly all of our problems down and step away from the pile.
It’ll still be there when and if we get back to it.
The hard question is:
The easy question is:
What can I do?
I find when I do what I can (everything I can)
that really is all I can do, and in my limited experience it has always worked out.
Sure we may lose service, a vehicle., a house, but that would happen regardless of the amount of worry.
If you’ve ever experienced any of these things, you know that when certain things go, so does the burden of the payment and the worry.
So pay the electric and water first whichever has the higher reconnect fee, get out the ramen noodles and hot dogs, and keep doing as much as you can. Pray, a lot, live right, and support (not blame) anyone you love that’s going through it with you.

Don’t forget to be kind to yourself.
Say, “I’m doing my best, I constantly try to do better, and this to shall pass!”

Stay out of the problem by staying in the solution!
The secret to life is keep living!

One who has everything is not likely to appreciate much, and one doesn’t have much is likely to appreciate everything


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