Fast Fix From Your Inner Child

This is a great tool for turning things around, if you are feeling down.

When we we’re kids things were simple. Now that we’ve grown up everything is insanely complicated. We can’t help but get run over by the things in our lives sometimes, hell, sometimes our lives back up and park on top of us.

The temporary “Fast Fix”

Think back to when you were little, think of your favorite things, sounds, places you went, and what really used to light you up inside.

I’ve used this method many times but I thought of sharing this today because where the concept came from, occured as I was demolishing a wall. It wasn’t coming out easy and I was tinking this sucks. Then off in the distance I heard a train horn and the sounds of a train. It immediately changed my mood, I LOVE TRAINS! when I was a kid I’d freak out everytime I saw one, I’m sure I drove everybody nuts because they’re everywhere where I’m from.

That’s one of mine here’s a quick list of some others:

Smells, sights, and places of yesteryear- Cotton candy the stand becomming a sticky mess, Eating sweetcorn at the fair, the fair, going to the candy store with my Grandpa Fleener (that’s a great one) fishing in the catfish pond, exploring, and countless others

There’s also fragrances people we love that have gone used to wear, soaps, detergents and cleaning products that bring a tangible presence.

Additionally, songs/sounds from when you were little, I play “I’d like to teach the world to sing” sometimes to time travel back to the 70’s or Gordon Lightfoot

I even put  “The Hugo Montenegro Orchestra” (Composer of The Good The Bad and The Ugly and Pink Panther) in on Pandora and it plays movie soundtracks. I can invision places in the films and in my life.

Youtube is good as well for old shows and cartoons

Make your own mental list and use it you’ll be amazed by the results!  Try what works for you find other methods, search yourself and go to a happier place and time

Good things to you, Jason


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