The Same Old Same’s Got No Claim!

When I ask people how they are, sometimes they say “You know, same old same old” I can appreciate the quickness and coolness of the response, but if that’s our reality it sounds excruciatingly boring.

I was asked that question the other day and without thinking I said “I’m great!” In the same moment I told him, “I didn’t really feel that, and said I’M GREAT!! I may have to do that a few more times throughout the day to convince myself. He was laughing and said his personal affirmation was “I’M AWESOME!”

Those are things we say, it can change our attitude and give us a real boost. (Try it)

Only action can change our pattern!
If nothing changes nothing changes!
Do different things get different results!
I suggest trying responsible change
Change one thing!
Change 2 things!
Change something!
Change everything!
Responsible means, don’t just quit your job or leave your spouse change yourself and patterns (mix it up s little)

Schedule, what you eat, route to and from work, talk to different people, go some place new, do something you’ve always wanted to do (as long it doesn’t negatively Impact others)

If your old dream is gone, think of a new one!

Don’t settle, your life can be so much more!
Put the effort in you’re worth it!

If it we’re driving, It’s the difference between cruising and punching it.
Let’s put the pedal to the metal, bang a left and smoke the tires off this ride.

Make the best of things, overcome difficulties and begin to win, Jason


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