It’s Not All Rainbows and Sunshine!

Even I would want to puke if I thought for a second every minute of my life was exactly like my blog or post!

It’s an idea, a simple concept or thought to kick start my day, to encourage others, and put my brain in the right gear or change gears if you will.

I have had a extraordinarily difficult life (to me) as I’m sure many of you have in your own way. I’ve experienced divorce from both perspectives, being a misfit, close death, repeated failure, poverty, alcoholism, substance abuse, and mental illness.

There have been and sometimes still are days when it is all I can do to get out of bed and I drag myself heavy through the day trying to force feed myself happy thoughts and inspiration (trying to turn it around) some times it works others it doesn’t.

I also have been told I’m mean, and admittedly, I can be ornery and down right mean at times.

I still really don’t have a good filter. If it pops in my mind chances are it will come out of my mouth.

I do not think that I know better than anyone, I do think I know better than I used to and am amazed by some of what I’ve learned and do my best to practice those things. That’s what I present here thoughts and ideas that might help you or someone you know figure things out for themselves or adjust thinking and behavior patterns to obtain a better life and possibly prevent the loss or waste of any more time.

In conclusion, I’m human, and far from perfect just ask my wife Maribel, she knows.

I strive to improve, live better, love more, appreciate everyone, and everything on a daily basis

Live fully life is short, Jason


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