“Building and noticing worth”

You are unique in every way!
You have special gifts, and aptitudes which give you the ability to impact the lives of many people.
Your gifts recognized by you and used to the full potential will even greatly impact your own life.

I’ll make great effort today to put the most into it, so that I can get the most out of it. I will genuinely be concerned for the happiness and well being of everyone I meet. I will try to appreciate the roll they play in the cosmic machine and acknowledge their significance in the world or my life.

I apply this same thinking to my life and my various rolls, the impact each one has on others, and the overall significance of what I do.
It makes it worth while and turns the mundane into the extraordinary.

Put a positive spin on it!

These are some of my common practices and how this concept works.

One of my actual e-mail’s-
Background; I sent a pleasant e-mail to a person I would consider to be negative, asking a simple question not anticipating that she would fire some one else up first thing Monday morning. When I noticed the third parties reply I sent this

From: Byers, Jason
To: person from other department
Subject: Good morning

Sorry for the ambitious start this morning, I hope you have a Magnificent Monday Amanda!
I hope everyone you come in contact with today is in a great mood, gracious, and nice to you.

Thank you Jason! That is such a nice email to receive first thing and now I know my day will be magnificent!
I hope & wish the same for you! J

This is not the typical response, many times it’s “crickets” (I don’t get a response.)

I didn’t put it out for a response, I did it to genuinely encourage her to strive toward and look forward to a “magnificent Monday!”

It truly is the little things.
I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!



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